It might seem bizarre, but a lot of dogs chatter their teeth almost like they’re in a fast-paced cartoon. Dogs’ teeth might be jittering, clacking or clicking. It can be alarming, or at the very least surprising. Should a pet parent be worried about this? The answer is maybe. To explain, let’s first answer the question, “Why do dogs chatter their teeth?”

Emotional Reasons

Physical Reasons


Because these reasons range from perfectly normal behaviors of life-threatening illnesses, you may be still asking yourself, “Well, my dog’s teeth chatter. Should I be worried?”

Is a dog’s teeth chattering a cause for concern?

A dog’s teeth chattering can be a sign of normal issues like stress or severe issues like neurological problems, depending on the situation. While trying to gauge whether this is something to call your veterinarian about, use our checklist to understand the behavior:

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