GENRIC Pet Insurance as a pet insurance product offers numerous features and benefits

(constantly under development) which can be summarised as follows:

  • All Accidents And Illness
  • Routine Care
  • Prescription Medications
  • Dental Cover
  • Multiple Pet Discounts
  • No Breed Exclusion
  • Alternative/Complementary Treatments
  • Savings Plan
  • Double Up Option
  • Boarding Fees
  • Specialist Treatments
  • Prompt Claim Settlements

Benefit Schedule

Important Notice: This is a summary of the standard terms, conditions, exceptions, exclusions, and limitations of the policy. Please read the policy wording to ensure that the plan you want complies with your requirements. As each application is individually underwritten, other terms, conditions, exceptions, exclusions, and limitations may apply. These will be submitted to you for acceptance before the policy is issued.


1. Extended Covers: Alternative/complementary treatment, boarding fees, advertising and rewards, missing or stolen pet, dental cover, death benefit/condolence benefit, prescription diet.

2. Covers in-hospital expenses only plus consultation and pre-hospital expenses for conditions resulting in hospitalisation.

3. By arrangement on pre-authorised procedures.

4. Routine Care Benefit: Premium = R65 per month, Benefit = R1 000.

5. Savings Plan: R50 / R100 / R200 per month options. Can be used for uncovered vet expenses, claims excess or unpaid premium.

6. Double Up Option: Double your premium and thereby double your annual limits. Should you take this double up option you will qualify for the discount applicable to 2 (two) pets.

7. Cover only applicable if not admitted to hospital.


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GENRIC Pet Insurance is underwritten and administered by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (43638). GENRIC Insurance Company Limited is an authorised Financial Services Provider and Registered Short Term Insurer.


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