With Pet Insurance, your beloved pet gets the very best healthcare

The pandemic has had a big impact on interpersonal behaviour.  While relationships and marriages have taken strain during the various lockdown levels and increased time spent at home, other relationships have thrived. People have spent more time with their pets than ever before, and pet adoptions have gone up too.  This has driven new demand […]

Teeth Chattering – Why do dogs do this?

It might seem bizarre, but a lot of dogs chatter their teeth almost like they’re in a fast-paced cartoon. Dogs’ teeth might be jittering, clacking or clicking. It can be alarming, or at the very least surprising. Should a pet parent be worried about this? The answer is maybe. To explain, let’s first answer the […]

Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad?

Got a dog who’s conditioned you to think that his adorable presence is worth living with despite his foul odors? If your pet smells nasty –– on occasion or full-time –– then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. The trouble is that it’s not enough to know you’ve got a stinker on your hands. It’s in everyone’s […]

Hot Spots – How to Care for Your Dog’s Painful Inflamed Skin Sores…

What are Hot Spots? ​Canine acute moist dermatitis is a form of canine pyoderma also known as “hot spots.” Hot spots are red, moist, irritated patches of skin often caused by an initial irritation and then exacerbated by bacterial infection. The irritated patch can double in size within hours and can become very painful. Common […]

What is an anaphylactic reaction?

An anaphylactic reaction or anaphylaxis is an immediate hypersensitivity (allergic) reaction to a foreign substance, especially a foreign protein, known as an allergen or antigen. What causes an anaphylactic reaction? ​Before an anaphylactic reaction can occur, the pet must have had a previous exposure to the offending substance. A common example is a dog stung by a bee that […]

Monitoring Your Senior Dog For Signs Of Disease

​As your dog ages, the likelihood he will develop various changes in the function of his body systems increases. Some of these will be normal changes due to the aging process, others may be indicative of disease. To be more easily alerted to possible signs of disease early in the disease process: Monitor food consumption: […]

Is you dog choking? Here’s what to do

When a dog is choking on a foreign object, it needs help at once. The harder it tries to breathe, the more panicky it becomes. Your goal in this emergency situation is to open the dog’s airway without being bitten. The signs that a dog is choking include pawing at the mouth, a pale or blue tongue, […]

Tongue Injuries Are More Common Than You Think

pet tongue injuries

Dogs are animals that tend to act first and think later, and it is certainly fair to say that dogs as a whole are fairly good at injuring themselves in all manner of weird and wonderful ways. Tongue injuries are one example of this – and there are a great number of ways in which […]

Common excuses Vets often hear from owners

Some of these are really amusing – we wonder how many of you recognise things you may have said yourself in the past! You may be surprised (or not) to hear how often pet owners make excuses for their pets — and themselves. Here are seven of my favorites – BY DR. PATTY KHULY VMD. 1. She’s […]

Flea Bites on People

We thought it a good idea to give you some information on flea bites to people, and how to recognize them, so that if you find your have been bitten by one of these small insects, you can quickly check your dog and start to manage the problem! Fleas are very small insects, about a […]